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   July, 2023  A FEW McNutt Bass Cradles are available for $33.00.

Gigger's models only. This is far below retail pricing.

Shipping is not available. Consequently they must be picked up in Costa Mesa or Camarillo, California.

This special price is possible because I purchased the US wholesaler’s supply of Cradles that due to manufacturing error were shipped fully assembled. This requires excessive shipping costs.

To arrange purchases, contact me at:


                                                    Phone 714-422-7777



​Please see the comments by the Endorsing Artists.

An Entirely New Bass Cradle ( No longer just a "stand")!

Ater 400 years of laying double basses and cellos on the floor or other unsafe places! Just Cradle your treasured instrument safely and conveniently.

The “Gigger’s” model is built from 1” aluminum tubing, anodized satin black. The supporting arms are covered in sponge rubber nitrile tubing. The Luxury model is made of walnut or birch veneer and has arms of high quality reversed leather over dense sponge rubber padding. It is an art object was well as a highly useful Cradle.

McNutt Bass Cradles have been used in numerous venues, including  the Los Angeles Opera, The Pacific Symphony and the television show Dancing With The Stars. It has also been used on a PBS special featuring Andrea Bocelli.