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Finally!  Bass Cradles now available in Europe and North America! 

(Gigger's Model only.)

Europe    For up-to-date information go to http://www.thomann.de and search for "GEWA McNutt Bass Cradles."  About €50.

United States  
Happy to see my Bass Cradles are back in stock at Gollihur Music. See:

They are also available again at Lemur Music. See:

U.S. retailers can order through the Howard Core sales department at (800) 633-2302, toll free. The part number is GW452250.

​Dealers worldwide can order from GEWA Music.  https://www.gewamusic.com


​Bass World (Vol. 38. No.3, 2016)  has an excellent review of the Bass Cradle by David Young, principal bass of the Los Angeles Opera. This prestigious magazine is published by the International Society of Bassists. David Young is an official endorser of the Bass Cradle. (The Luxury model of the Cradle is shown in the article.) I couldn't have written a more positive review myself!

For other reviews, please see the comments by the Endorsing Artists.

An Entirely New Bass Cradle ( no longer just a "stand")!

Ater 400 years of laying double basses and cellos on the floor or other unsafe places! Just Cradle your treasured instrument safely and conveniently.

The “Gigger’s” model is built from 1” aluminum tubing, anodized satin black. The supporting arms are covered in sponge rubber nitrile tubing. The Luxury model is made of walnut or birch veneer and has arms of high quality reversed leather over dense sponge rubber padding. It is an art object was well as a highly useful Cradle.

McNutt Bass Cradles have been used in various venues, including  the Los Angeles Opera performances of the Pacific Symphony in Costa Mesa, California and the television show Dancing With The Stars.