One Story!  (A Bass Sin?)

Bass “Sins”

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      Because bass players love our instruments we aren’t inclined to experiment with anything that involves their safety. So when an unknown inventor shows them a new stand, they are understandingly cautious.
     Sometimes too cautious it seems. Most of us would say, “Show me,” or, “Let me give it a try.” But others seem to have a visceral reaction against new bass stuff.

     Here is one such story.

     I was invited to sub for a community orchestra Christmas program. As I entered the hall, the two regular bassists, being typically nice folks, placed their basses on the floor and welcomed me. I naturally noticed their basses were in a some danger, particularly with the endpins sticking out and other musicians still milling around.
     I quickly set up my Gigger’s Model Bass Cradle and reclined my bass on it. The first bass player immediately loved it and strongly recommended that I get it patented. 
     The other bassist just as quickly stated he had no need for it.  He said he was happy laying his bass on the floor, or propping it on a chair. Of course this was exactly what I had created the Cradle to avoid!
     At that very moment I noticed that behind him a chubby, older, and somewhat unsteady lady with a cello on her shoulder was stepping over the neck of his bass! I held my breath, . . . as well as my tongue. 
     He didn’t need a Cradle!

​At the June 2013 convention of the International Society of Bassists these custom made double basses were placed on the floor and judges walked back and forth among them.

When resting on its side, a bass is easily knocked over onto its front, often breaking the bridge and sometimes causing expensive damage to the soundboard. 

Note the extended endpins inviting disaster. 

When placed on the floor  this way the edges of a bass become worn.

Typical stands hold the bass upright over a narrow base. Quite unstable, as many horror stories prove.

Also the endpin must be accurately placed in a small cup.

A double bass propped on a chair is highly unstable. It takes very little to topple it crashing to the floor or, in at least one case, falling into an orchestra pit! 

Makes nice firewood!.

Another ISB example.

Evidence of past "sins."