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Interpreting reviews of products published on the internet is quite an art, but valuable nonetheless.

Below is a link to reviews of the GEWA McNutt Bass Cradle published on the website of the European company Thomann.

The reviews appear in various languages, which can be selected by country at the top right of the page.

The reviews are strongly positive, with some cautioning the need to make a habit of the now “world famous McNutt Waggle”! This takes only about 2 seconds and should become an unconscious habit.

For the Waggle see:

One reviewer claimed to be an engineer, but gave a negative evaluation because the three-footed stand only rests on two feet! Can’t understand how he managed to do that unless he forced his bass on the Cradle backwards. One feature of three legs is that they all set nicely on the floor. Amazing!

Link to the reviews:

​Bass World (Vol. 38. No.3, 2016)  

This has issue has an excellent review of the Bass Cradle by David Young, principal bass of the Los Angeles Opera. This prestigious magazine is published by the International Society of Bassists. David Young is an official endorser of the Bass Cradle. (The Luxury model of the Cradle is shown in the article.) I couldn't have written a more positive review myself!

For other reviews, please see the comments by the Endorsing Artists.