​The Gigger's Model of the Bass Cradles are now shipping worldwide. To find a local supplier do a web search for GEWA McNutt Bass Cradle.

 United States retailers wishing to carry the McNutt Bass Cradle may contact the manufacturer at:

         www.GEWAMusicUSA.com  (Formerly Nova Strings)

​Bass World (Vol. 38. No.3, 2016) has an excellent review of my Bass Cradle by David Young, principal bass of the Los Angeles Opera. This prestigious magazine is published by the International Society of Bassists. David Young is one my the official endorsers of the Bass Cradle. (The Luxury model of the Cradle is shown in the article.)

I couldn't have written a more positive review myself!

Not A Bass Stand--but
The McNutt Bass & Cello Cradle!

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