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Steven Edelman
“It is really stable on the stage. I am tired of putting my wonderful bass on the floor.”
Principal Bass, Pacific Symphony Orchestra. He has performed on over 1000 movies.

Reviews by Endorsing Artist​​s

Trey Henry.

"The McNutt Bass Cradle is awesome!"

Major Hollywood recording artist and bassist for the Dancing With the Stars television show.

A  Gigger's Cradle is slung over his shoulder.

David Young
“My Bass Cradle saves space in the opera pit by safely containing my bass within the footprint of my floor riser.   This solves safety and logistics challenges. Thanks, Dennis!”
Principal Bass, Los Angeles Opera

​​​Gary Karr

"I love the Cradle and so does my “Athena,” who has been my solo bass for over 60 years! At last she has been given a beautifully crafted and incredibly safe place for her to rest! Anyone who loves their bass as much as I adore Athena needs to have the Cradle for the protection and edification of their cherished instrument."

From Wikipedia: ". . .an American classical double bass player and teacher; he is considered one of the best bassists of the 20th and 21st centuries."​​

​​Dave Stone
“The wooden model is an elegant and highly functional piece of art. The “gigger’s” version is strong, lightweight and easily portable.”

First-call bassist for Hollywood recording studios and major movies, such as The Incredibles, Up, and Star Trek Into Darkness.​​

John Patitucci
  “I always said that I would not trust my bass on a bass stand, until I tried the McNutt Bass Cradle.”  World touring bassist as headliner of his own band, also with Chick Corea, and the Wayne Shorter Quartet.