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The Luxury Model Cradle in stained and lacquered walnut or birch will beautifully display your cherished instrument. It is also extremely convenient to use.  The supporting arms are covered in reversed leather over rubber padding.

Convenience  Safety  Elegance
The Luxury Model is a piece of fine furniture. (The Gigger’s Model in lightweight aluminum tubing is designed for convenient portability.)

A McNutt Cradle eliminates the problem of what to do with a double bass or cello between playing sessions. Never again lay your beloved bass on the floor or prop it on a chair. Simply recline on the Cradle, where it rests securely at a convenient angle.
    —cradles your instrument securely in padded arms.
    —no more damaged edges from hard floors.
   —no more straining your back lifting your bass.
    —no more worry that your valuable instrument will be knocked off a chair.
    —no more fears that with your bass or cello on the floor someone will knock it over, breaking the bridge...or worse.

A hinged foot folds for storage. A nylon belt and locking cam connected to the foot adjusts the height and angle of the Cradle. This makes the Cradle suitable for players and instruments of different sizes. The model shown supports a double bass, but with little adjustment of the belt it easily works for a cello.  In both cases, the endpin must be in playing position.

I personally made a few custom models of the Luxury Model; they have all sold out. I hope the manufacturer will soon start manufacturing these in addition to the ginger's Model.

The Luxury Cradle
(U.S. Patent No. 9,214,141)

​Not commercially available. The custom made prototypes are sold out.