Two New Inventions!

I have recently been awarded a patent for my "Auto EQ" (working title).

​I am seeking an appropriate firm to license and bring it to market.

Auto EQ

Patent US 9,626,950

The Auto EQ provides an easy and accurate way to faithfully amplify the natural sound of musical instruments and other sound sources. It allows the voice of a guitar, double bass or any other musical instrument or human voice to be reproduced with as little coloration as possible. Thus, an Auto EQ.

No knob twiddling required!

The Auto EQ uses a digital signal processor to correct distortions that inevitably occur when recording or amplifying acoustic musical isntruments.  Amplifying an acoustic guitar or double bass typically involves a microphone or pickup, cable, amplifier, and often a pre-amplifier. Each involves electronic and mechanical elements that distort the beautiful natural sound of the instrument. 

The Auto EQ  is similar to the automatic camera that determines shutter speed, aperture and focus.  It does complex calculations and adjustments automatically.

The Auto EQ will not duplicate the refined tone shaping of an audio engineer with complex gear and many years of experience, but it is much superior to what the great majority of players are able to achieve on their own.  And much easier. The nomenclature of audio reproduction and amplification itself is daunting to the amateur.  Examples include “parametric equalization” “shelving filters” and “low cut filters” and “Q factor.” And all those knobs and switches interact in complex and mysterious ways!

The Auto EQ avoids all that.

Microphone Correction System


I also have invented a Microphone Correction System (MCS) that  uses a digital signal processor to easily correct the errors typically found in amplification systems. It corrects large and even micro errors generated by the microphone as well as the cable, connectors, preamp and amplifier in the signal chain.  

The MCS is used in preliminary calibration of the Auto EQ system, but is a separate product in its own right.

For more information on either of these inventions, please contact 

Dennis McNutt
Phone 714-422-7777